Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

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Sleek Glam S View Wake Sleep Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sleek Glam S View Wake Sleep Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black Sleek Glam S View Wake Sleep Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Blue
Sleek Glam S View Wake Sleep Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Orange Sleek Glam S View Wake Sleep Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White
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The Toughest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

Now that you have decided that you need a good strong cover for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you need to know two names: Griffin and Otterbox. These names are becoming quite popular amongst consumers who really want to protect their Samsung Galaxy Note 3s. Griffin has produced the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Survivor case while Otterbox have produced the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender case.

Now like all manufacturers in competition with each other they both produce products with many of the same features. Distinguishing which particular version of these features is more appropriate for you can be quite tricky. That is where product reviews come into it, and there are so many platforms from which you can search for good reviews.

YouTube is a great place to look for reviews and even product testing. There are great videos on YouTube that show people flinging their Defender and Survivor clad Samsung Galaxy Note 3s high into the air so that they can capture the result on camera for your viewing pleasure. You can also search through customer reviews on the individual manufacturer’s websites or even just as easily Google the product with the word review and a multitude of review pages will be available for your perusal.

A few of the main features that I have noticed that are similar about the two different cases is the basic material that they are made out of. Both cases are made from a hard body of polycarbonate and a soft shock absorbing outer skin of silicone. They are both also equipped with a built in screen protector and silicone flaps that seal the ports and buttons to protect form dust and water. Each case design has a protruding polycarbonate frame around the screen to help prevent direct contact between the screen and other surfaces when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is dropped. That particular feature can take a bit of getting used to as the frame can make it difficult to use the very edge of the screen.

The flaps on the Otterbox Defender are seen by some as being incomplete, as not every place that you would want to prevent water and dust from entering is covered. Whereas on the Griffin Survivor every possible point of entry is protected by a silicone flap, including the camera on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The flap covering the camera is seen as a nuisance by some consumers as it is not really a point that can be affected by dust and water, yet it is annoying to have to move the flap for taking photos. The Defender has a thinner outer silicone skin which has helped to streamline the case to make it more aesthetically appealing. The Survivor’s outer silicone skin was designed with some serious shock absorbing ability, with thicker bumpers placed on the corners and edges. These bumpers are placed in these strategic spots as these will likely be the first point of contact with another surface when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is dropped.

These cases both cost around the same amount which is far less than a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen and even perhaps a whole new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The screens are notorious for breaking with even the slightest drop, so what’s a few dollars to save you hundreds?

I bought one the day I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Want to learn more visit Tough Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Review for a more in depth look at the Griffin Survivor case. Griffin being the technological wizards that they are have also created other great Samsung Galaxy Note 3 accessories which can be viewed at Cool Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gadgets

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The Most Wanted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

With the craze of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 zooming up, the need for its cases have also gone up. Due to a small button configuration of the newest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model, the owners need to buy strong, sturdy, and protective Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is very simple on design, it is very important to buy a good befitting case for them. This in turn adds to the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The different types of cases that one can get are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Linear Crystal series

The Linear Case is made up of three separate pieces. It has an upper frame, a lower frame and a back cover. One can choose a vibrant, colourful or toned down look as might suit one’s personality.

Vapor Pro Chroma – Element Case- for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extreme Metal Vapor Pro Case has a monochromatic color scheme with a satin finish. The satin finished is achieved by a process called bead blasting. The aluminum frame is bead blasted prior to anodizing. Lastly the black plate on offer is a genuine color match of the Ultrasuede.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Linear Mini Series

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Linear is an assembly type case. This is one of the cases which does not scratch the device either during installation or during removal. The sides are slightly surrounded to maximize the comfort of the grip.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Linear Blitz Series

The Linear Blitz is also an assembly type case. It also does not cause any defect to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 during installation or removal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Candy Shell Card use

This is a very convenient Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case. It has 4 card cases, and with this case, one can easily leave his wallet back home.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leather Case Valencia Swarovski series

This is a premium leather pouch from Valencia Swarovski Series. It prevents your precious Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from any sort of scratch, damage or dust. The interior of the case has been designed with microfiber to keep the phone clean and sleek.

The Ultra Slike R Series For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The premium silicone case Ultra Slike is a case which prevents the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from scratches, dusts and dings. The surface of the case is coated with high polymer which reduces the amount of dust from sticking to the surface of the case.

Get any of these and you are sure to add not only safety but also a designer look to your beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Covers/Cases

Is your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 your most used object as well? Do you want to protect your beloved item against every scratch or damage?

The market for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases and covers is booming. Some companies offer some very remarkable protectors for any Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Nowadays you can even customize your own cover with your own picture.

The most important aspects for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases

Of course you want to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in your pockets. We don’t need large accessories for our Samsung Galaxy Note 3s, but what we are demanding isn’t really easy.

Covers have to

be trendy and awesome;
be compact;
protect the device;
leave a hole for your camera;
be as cheap as possible;
easy to remove/replace;
old school;
That’s quite of a list, even though it could be even longer. Every cover is a nice addition to the phone. Maybe we can even say that it is making the phone, the cooler the case, the cooler the phone!

Switch covers

Make a sport of switching Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covers. You could have one for every day, or better, for every mood. Switching covers is what makes them just so cool. Brag about it to your friends, make them look green with envy!

Maybe you could convince a friend to exchange some Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covers now and then.

We can recommend MiniInTheBox to buy your covers. As they produce their covers in China they are very cheap. You can find some other great accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for low amounts of money. Depending of where you live, the delivery time might be long. A delivery to Belgium for instance takes about 20 workdays.

These are all pre-designed covers. You can also make one yourself! Take a photo of you and your best friend(s), a beautiful sight,… and turn the picture into an Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case. Vistaprint is a good example of a printing service that makes it possible for you to turn any picture into an Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cover. On Vistaprint you can make any cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4(s) and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 5. Making such a case on Vistaprint will cost you about $20.00. In comparison to MiniInTheBox this is rather expensive.

If money doesn’t matter you could even have a better customized case. Here is an example: you want to create an Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4(s) case, but you want to choose the case’s material. On Vistaprint you can’t choose the material of the case. Well, on you can first choose between materials before adding a picture. After choosing a case the editing is up to you! You can now add a picture, text, icons and customize it all.

Of course there are more services that allows you to create your own cases. Maybe you can find a better one.


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